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    Cleaning agent

    Does white vinegar remove Colour run? DON’T use vinegar in your washing machine. He said yes it is chemical free, but it is NOT good for the machines. Liquid fabric softener is 100% safe, when used as directed & with normal useit does NOT build up or gunk the machine (especially if a regular clean machine cycle is done).

    food grade sodium hydroxide set about poring a lot of ‘domestos’ in in filling with cold water, let it stand and drained it and stuffed it and so forth. 10 times and it appeared to remove black mess from inside the pipes. This may seem old but do any of you clear out inside your Washing Machine,, eg putting some type of sturdy cleaner in it to take away the muck out of the inside and the pipes.

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    Nearly inhaled caustic soda cos I didn’t fuck it all down the drain, and in other news, washing machine is bubble filled …— 80sirishlegend (@80sirishlegend) July 20, 2015

    • Sodium hydroxide is odorless; thus, odor provides no warning of hazardous concentrations.

    What happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda? For softening your clothes, add the vinegar to your fabric softener dispenser. To fight mild odors, add it directly to the washing machine basin during the rinse cycle, or use it in place of regular detergent and add it again during the rinse cycle if you need to remove really strong odors.

    However, sodium hydroxide is not used as a primary commonplace as a result of it’s hygroscopic and absorbs carbon dioxide from air. Unfortunately, the machine was nonetheless switched on and the quantity of water was sufficient to begin the machine and I received caustic soda a face-full of the Costic Soda mix. It was the kind of black mould that additionally typically accumulates contained in the washing powder drawer that has to be cleaned out every so often.